Redirect to login page instead of backend

For a single one of the 25 sites I maintain, clicking Go to the site WP admin on the dashboard doesn’t redirect to the dashboard but to the login screen. Administrator user name and Unique security ID are 100% correct, site connected.

The only thing I can think of that is different to all other sites I maintain is that it is redirected to a subdirectory (, the name contains a dot) install via index.php:
require( dirname( FILE ) . ‘/’ );

Dashboard, child 4.0.7. Deactivating other plugins to no avail.


Hi Lukas, can you tell me do you use the iThemes Security plugin on this child site?

Can you login to the dashboard via the login page? If not, do you have a space in the user name? In PHP 7.4.2 there’s a bug where spaces aren’t correctly coded/decoded and after trying to login, you are redirected to the login page again. Updating tot PHP 7.4.3 solves the issue. If that’s not possible directly, you can temporarily switch back to 7.3.x.


yes, I can log in (I never use blank spaces in usernames). Thanks anyway for pointing me to scrutinize the PHP version, which should indeed be updated.

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yes, I have, but deactivating it is to no avail.
I have iThemes Security Pro on all sites I maintain with MWP.

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Hi @lhberg, thanks for the update. Is this child site connected with correct URL, I see often where users connect site as HTTP, and later after adding SSL they forget to change the protocol to HTTPS?

yes, https. btw it’s the same site that had the disconnects, and those came back today.
In the meantime I definitively suspect the hosting being the problem. The server is on php 7.1 and they provide no ssd storage so far. But now they propose to migrate the hosting to a new environment with php 7.4 and ssd.
My client has assigned them to migrate; thus I suggest that I’ll have a fresh look at both issues after the migration is done.

after migrating the server to PHP 7.4 and ssd storage, I still have both the disconnects and redirect to login issues.
So far you never commented on the redirection to a subdirectory (, the name contains a dot) install via index.php: require( dirname( FILE ) . ‘/’ ); – does this mean that this shouldn’t be an issue?

Hi Lukas, thanks for the update.

We have never had problems with setups reported so I am not sure if this should cause any issues, but I would like to check what is going on. Can you send me temporary login details to your dashboard and the child site via private message?

Appears that the problem was caused by incorrect Site URL. Child site has been connected as while the correct URL is

After the URL has been updated to match correct URL, problem got solved.

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