Report Pro: buttons on right column don't work

Hi there, I’ve been working this morning on customizing my report so I’ve been doing quite some “pdf downloading” to check whether tables were fine. All of the sudden, the “download pdf” button won’t work, it will just keep endlessly loading. Other buttons such as “preview report” or “send now” are not working either.

This is what I’ve tried:

  • Disabling all pop-up blocker
  • Trying to access from an incognito window in Firefox
  • Check the resources on my server (in case there was due to a shortage or sth) and everything was fine.
  • Disabled other plugins (I’m only using wordfence but just in case)

Still not working. Any ideas?

Nevermind, I think I got the issue

It was a php error, I removed by mistake the endif; ?> at the end of one of the segments. Resolved

Thanks for letting us know.

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