Reporting not going to Suspended Accounts?

Is there a way to just disable sending emails to suspended accounts so reporting does not go out to them, without doing it manually? I want them to pay their bill not enjoy the reporting for it to just turn off and turn on as they are suspended and not suspended.

Hi @ladylike4

I assume you’re referring to our Pro Reports extension?

After you suspend the client and the sites assigned to them get suspended as a consequence, are the clients still receiving the scheduled Pro Reports emails?

I am just using reports, not the Pro version yet. (I do have access to Pro. I just haven’t upgraded yet.)

Yes though all the reports are still sending for all suspended sites.

Thanks for the update.

​Client Reports extension has been phased out in favor of Pro Reports for some time now.

Unfortunately, we’re only providing patches to Client Reports to address security vulnerabilities and to fix any broken existing functionality.

Considering the entire Clients and Suspend feature was added after the Client Reports was phased out, this functionality was never a part of the extension.

Pro Reports has all the features of Client Reports and much more, including more ways to customize the branding and the included data.
Take a look at our help documentation for more details Pro Reports extension overview - MainWP Documentation

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