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I am looking to get this program but I have specific questions to clarify so that I know if it solves my problem:

  1. Can I upload my posts from Site A to Site B (connected via MainWP) with specific categories?

  2. I am using Divi theme, so when either I create a new post, can i continue to use Divi module for layout and modules?

  3. Finally, if I were to deplicate or “push” my articles from Site A to B, will my divi theme module and format be ported over?

Many thanks in advance. If these functions can be met, this will be the most ideal function.

I believe this is what you may be looking for? MainWP Knowledge Base - MainWP Documentation

Although I would definitely NOT advise you to duplicate your content across multiple sites. You can publish content on multiple sites.

Support for pagebuilders is weak but it works if you create the post and copy the shortcodes as the post body. At least it works for visual compose (WPBakery). I doubt it works nice with divi though.

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