"Require a backup before an update" ignoring UpdraftPlus backups

Hi there. In my MainWP settings under " Updates Settings" and “Require a backup before an update”.

It looks like MainWP is ignoring UpdraftPlus backups. And it complains about me needing to make a backup while there are 5 backups already made for any given site.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Hi Stefan,

The mentioned feature is designed to check if there is a full backup created in the selected period of time, but in order to work properly, you need to select your backup solution as primary backup system in MainWP settings.

Can you confirm that you have UpdrafPlus selected as primary backup system in your MainWP Dashboard?

Bogdan, I can’t reproduce it anymore. I know it occured at a WP upgrade and haven’t had to trigger one from MainWP since. So upgrading plugins do respect the current backups taken with UpdraftPlus. So thanks!

Thanks Stefan, I am happy to hear that the problem is resolved.

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