REST API - Best Practice? Not sure what to do

I lease and manage my own webserver. I have a basic understanding of what REST API is, and I see where I can enable or disable it in MainWP. I’m not sure if any of my sites use it or need it. I did not set up anything to use it, but I’m not sure about how MainWP and WordPress and/or various plugins or extensions may utilize REST API. When I enable or disable it, I don’t notice issues, better or worse performance, notifications, etc. So, I’m not sure if I should leave it on or off. Can anyone provide me any input or arguments for either “enable” or “disable”? Thanks

Hi @stevew52,

MainWP REST API is created to allow you to use your MainWP Dashboard data or trigger processes from another custom made up or anything similar.

For example, if you have coding knowledge, you can make another app where you can manage your MainWP Dashboard.

If you are not working on something like that, I would suggest disabling the MainWP REST API in your MainWP Dashboard.

Okay. Thanks! This is what I was thinking it was for, but I wasn’t completely sure.

You are very welcome!

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