Sequence based reporting?

Is it possible to have squence based reporting?


Month 1 report - set up info - what we choose
Month 2 report - analytiics or what we choose
Month 3 report - extensive sep reporting etc

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I’m not sure how your onboarding of new clients works, but for the type of clients I have this would make sense as a manual process. Maybe for the first three months you have a dialogue with the client as you onboard, and by month 4 you are ready to turn on automated reporting that will give a standard view of what progress has been made. It’s hard for me to imagine many clients being “standard” enough to justify standardized reports with this level of specificity. Of course your use cases may be different than mine.

To answer your question, you could set up reports that you could send manually, that include specific information that you only want to include early on in the process. But you’d still have to set them to send at the right time for each client.

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Hi @extensive

Something like this cannot be scheduled automatically, so as @kgourlay pointed out, it could be manually set up by making three different reports and sending them out manually as needed.

After that, you could continue sending out regular scheduled monthly reports.

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