Setting MainWP on a subdomain

I’d like to manage my website as well as a string of other real estate agent websites using the MainWP dashboard. I’ve read that it should be set up on a separate WP installation that’s meant only for the dashboard so my question is, can I set it up on a subdomain of my website such as or would it be better to set it up on a completely separate domain name?

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Using MainWP on a subdomain in such setup should be completely fine.

In any case, it’s a good idea to be mindful of System requirements and Hosting Compatibility.

Okay, thanks so much for your reply Bojan and for the links on hosting requirements and compatibility.

This might sound like a stupid question but are there advantages to having the hosting account set up as a subdomain such as or as a subdirectory such as

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There shouldn’t be any difference, but I’d still recommend going with a subdomain.

Not necessarily because of MainWP, but simply because I find it a bit easier to work with WordPress when installed on a subdomain instead of a subdirectory. But this might be a preference thing.

Okay, thanks again – I really appreciate your advice!

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