Show recent sites and plugins I updated?

Not sure if this is a valid question - but wouldn’t it be of help to know which updates I recently run?

Sometimes it’s just not possible for me to check every single update on a staging/dev environment first. Sometimes I take the risk (others do that all the time, I know)

When I update in bulk, it would be at least good to know to figure out later once a problem:
which sites and which plugins did I just update?

Imagine you don’t have 20 but 100 sites - I think that can be useful.

I think there is the Activity Log plugin that can be added. I am using Simple History, so I can figure things out per site, but not from MainWP

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Isn’t this screenshot from the Activity Log what you are looking for?

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Looking at the screenshot, I think it’s per site, so I can’t really know where I updated one plugin. I know Activity Log exists, but I went with Simple History long time ago. I remember I thought about switching but stayed with Simple History

I can figure it out right now as well if I go to each individual site.

I think I can’t get: show me all sites where I recently updated Elementor from version 3.x to 3.y

I don’t even think it’s super important. But I noticed, sometimes, I just update, I see the big number next to a plugin and I just can’t go every single time over everything before updating

Let’s say it turns out later that some updates did not go so well. That’s where I was thinking about it. Figuring out, what I myself recently did via MainWP on all those sites, showing me also on which sites I did run updates

The activity log is indeed per site, but with some filtering, you can get results that are close to what you’re describing.

For example, in this screenshot, you can see I installed an old version of Classic Editor on four sites and then updated it to the latest version.
I filtered the results by simple plugin name query, and additionally, you can see that the four installations and four updates have the same Event ID, which tells you this action was performed in bulk.

Thanks for providing me with that screenshot - maybe it’s time to look again into Activity Log.

I remember there is sometimes a bit more into it, e.g. I set Simple History up with custom code in a way that only I can see the history/log and no one else. That might or might not work with Activity Log.

On a different note - how is it decided who develops an extension for MainWP? Could everybody do that? I am asking myself if its maybe worth a try to ask the developer of Simple History to consider an integration in MainWP

You are most welcome.

The Activity Log plugin and extension are third-party products so it might be best to contact their support to see if there’s a way to have history/log available only for you and no one else.

Everyone can make an extension for MainWP, and they are more than welcome to.

For developing a custom extension for MainWP, please refer to our Developer Resources at for guidelines and best practices.

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