Site Access Removed from Website Overview in Version

I have come to notice that access to the website’s admin portal is no longer available on the Website’s Overview page. Prior to version 4.5, I was able to click an icon to access the admin portal. This now only exists on the Manage Sites page or in the Sites panel on the specific Client page. Since this change, this has become quite frustrating. When I am on a website’s overview page and I need to access the admin portal I now have to go back to the Manage Sites page, find the site in the list, and then click on the icon to access the website’s admin portal. UGH!

Please bring this back. I’m really getting tired of flipping back and forth with my workflow.

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Hi @kwsim

Thanks for the feedback. Always appreciated.

We are looking into several possible tweaks to the new navigation. However, we haven’t made any decisions yet and naturally, we don’t have an ETA right now.

Keep in mind that the Go to WP Admin shortcut can always be accessed from the Quick Sites Shortcuts in the top right:

And this KB for adding new entries to the top-level navigation may be of interest to you as well:

@kwsim Is this button visible on your Child Site Overview page?


UGH! I totally missed that. Thanks.

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Hi @bojan,

Thanks for the update. I missed that off-canvas menu button.


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