Site hardening issues not updated after WP core update

before I updated WP core to 6.5, the site hardening panel showed the due update as an issue as expected.
After updating all sites it still showed the same number of issues. When I click the ‘i’ button of any site, all checkmarks are green. When I click the wrench button, the issue is fixed.
Before I click the Fix All Issues button I would like to know why the panel isn’t updated after I updated all sites. Does a separate cronjob exist for this?
Looking forward to learn,

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After syncing all sites again it should be updated. At least it was for me.

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Hey @lhberg

As @josklever suggested, please try syncing the Dashboard and see if that helps.

And naturally, make sure that all MainWP plugins are up to date.

Thanks Jos and Bojan,
I was under the mistaken impression that all sites are synched every night when the updatescheck.php cronjob runs.
Synching manually indeed cleared the issues.
Kind regards,

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