Site Health Monitoring sending emails even after it has been disabled in the dashboard

I’ve updated to v4.1 and the dashboard went crazy, it started sending out site health notifications for each website I manage(+many other emails for just one site that is down - already reported in another topic), I then disabled the email from the dashboard but I still receive a lot of emails about this. Anyway those checks are not reliable, because they complain even if you are using PHP 7.2 and if you have a single inactive theme (and then if you remove all except the active one it says that i need to install the default one, it’s just stupid).

Can you please check if by disabling these emails they will not be sent anymore?

Thank you.

Hi @dcgavril, thanks for reaching out.
I can’t duplicate this problem. Can you send me temporary access to your MainWP Dashboard (via private message) so I can check this?

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