Slow dashboard load with updated GA plugin

Ever since installing and connecting the new GA plugin my dashboard is insanely slow at times. See below script for the issue when it was slow

[02-Jun-2023 12:10:16] [pool example.com81] pid 304973
script_filename = /var/www/
[0x00007f4490014110] mysqli_query() /var/www/
[0x00007f44900140a0] _do_query() /var/www/
[0x00007f4490013fc0] query() /var/www/
[0x00007f4490013e70] update() /var/www/
[0x00007f4490013da0] update_ga_service_entry() /var/www/
[0x00007f4490013b10] api_get_ga_account_and_save() /var/www/
[0x00007f4490013a10] update_ga_sites_data_ga() /var/www/
[0x00007f44900139a0] update_available_sites() /var/www/
[0x00007f44900138e0] mainwp_admin_footer() /var/www/
[0x00007f4490013800] apply_filters() /var/www/
[0x00007f4490013790] do_action() /var/www/
[0x00007f44900136b0] do_action() /var/www/
[0x00007f44900135d0] render_footer_content() /var/www/
[0x00007f44900134b0] admin_footer() /var/www/
[0x00007f44900133d0] apply_filters() /var/www/
[0x00007f4490013360] do_action() /var/www/
[0x00007f4490013270] do_action() /var/www/
[0x00007f44900131e0] INCLUDE_OR_EVAL /var/www/

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Hi @7thcircle

Thanks for reporting this to us. Unfortunately, we couldn’t reproduce the issue on our test Dashboards.

Would you mind opening a private Help Desk ticket so we can collect some additional information & investigate further?

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