Solid Security Pro and MainWP iThemes Plugin Sync

I have the Solid Security Pro plugin with the latest version 8.2.0 on my websites.
If I now make a setting for “File Change” in the iThemes extension in MainWP and then synchronize this to the child sites, the setting on the child site remains empty.
Apparently this is not synchronized correctly.

So I always have to make all the settings manually on the child sites. I don’t think this makes sense.

Setting in MainWP Dashboard:
2024-01-17 22_45_13-MainWP iThemes Security Extension ‹ Monitoring — WordPress

And here is what it looks like in the child site:
2024-01-17 22_46_11-Solid Security Settings ‹ BEBV Demo — WordPress

I use the following versions:
MainWP - iThemes Security = 4.1.4
Solid Security Pro on Child site = 8.2.0
MainWP Dashboard =
MainWP Child = 4.6

Thanks for the help.

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Hey @Memurame

Thanks for reporting this to us.

I’ve managed to reproduce the issue and passed it along to the development team.

The fix for it will be included in the next release of the iThemes Security (Solid Security) extension.

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