Some Pro Extensions unavailable

This topic dealt with the same issue Some Pro Extensions not Available but it is closed.

I am not seeing some extensions which should be available to me on Pro?

Specifically now I’m looking for the MainWP Page Speed extension:

Matomo also not available as another example.


Hey @ghubub

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Can you please send me in a private message the email address with which you purchased MainWP Pro?

We’ve refreshed the extension API and now all extensions are visible in the list.

There is an issue with the Matomo extension - namely that it cannot be found when using the search function and that’s because internally it is still carrying the old Piwik name.

And Page Speed has been being phased out in favor of our Lighthouse extension. It offers even more detailed performance information and it does not require any plugins to be installed on child sites.

Page Speed was listed in error on 13+ Free & 30+ Premium Extensions for MainWP  and we’ve removed it now.

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