Sucuri alternative

I see that Sucuri does not allow automatic scanning of websites through the MainWP extension. What are your thoughts on alternatives? Is there one that will allow you to automate the scanning?

I only have 5 sites right now but for someone who has 50 sites, manual scanning might be a bit of a problem.


I’m using Wordfence Security and it will scan automatically, so I don’t need Sucuri.

We have been using happily Virusdie and MalCare (for both we have LTDs) so no need for Sucuri or any other security tools.

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@ivicad I’d be interested to know how you got a LTD for malcare? It looks solid, but those are some hefty prices.

I bought 30 MalCare licenses on AppSumo, they had a deal about 3 years ago, they added BlogVault along that deal so I bought them in combo.

I see, thanks. Gotta keep your eyes open :slight_smile:

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