Suddenly a lot of my child sites shows as disconnected

Please help. After a long time using mainwp with success i know have some problem.
Please take a look here: Screenshot by Lightshot
See all the sites disconnected, but when i click to access them, i can access without any problems. And besides that i have one website that i can’t connect, no matter what i try.
Hope you can help. :slight_smile: Thanks

Hi @mofpe

Welcome to the MainWP community.

We need some more information in order to help you.

What happens when you try to reconnect those disconnected sites?
What happens when you try to add that one site?

Please provide error messages, screenshots, and results for Test Connection (on Sites > Add New page).

And is there anything in common with the sites experiencing issues?

For example, do they have a plugin installed that might be causing a conflict, or perhaps have the same security plugin installed?
Is Cloudflare being used for those sites or some other cloud proxy firewall?
Do they all have the same PHP version which is different than the other site?
Are they all using the same hosting provider?

Hi Bojan
Thank you for the reply.
I can answer one of your Q. The child sites on the screen shot are all on the same server and have been there for around 2 years.
I’ll get back to you with answers to the rest later.

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Well. I think it was a server problem. Sorry.
But i still have the one that wont connect no matter what i do.
Disabled plugin and so on.
It’s This: Screenshot by Lightshot
There no error message.
Can you help.

Thanks for the update.

What error message do you get when you try to reconnect that site?

And can you try performing Test Connection (on Sites > Add New page) and let us know your results?

This is the error (500) i think: Screenshot by Lightshot
Does this mean anything to you?

Error 500 is a server error and not something necessarily related to MainWP.

The Test Connection feature is merely relaying that information which is provided by the server of that child site.

Can you check if that website is experiencing any technical issues?
You may want to enable debugging on that child site and see if there’s anything relevant logged.

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