Sync via REST API doesnt update the last sync date on dashboard


When I use the REST API to sync all my websites, i.e.

curl -X POST “

I get a response like


So everything seems fine.

But the message on the dashboard doesnt show the last updated sync time.

(MainWP 4.3.1, Apache, PHP 8.0.26)

Did I miss something?

Hey @sburlot

The REST API call should indeed update the date/time in the widget on the Overview page.
We have fixed the issue, and it will be included in the next release of the MainWP Dashboard.

You can find the pre-release at this URL: Dropbox - - Simplify your life

It has the same version number as the current stable release, so when we do push out an update, it will get installed over this ZIP file as usual.

Thank you!

Works perfeclty now

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