The MainWP 2021 Web Care Survey: What we learned

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I wanted to do a web care survey for a very long time. I haven’t seen that anyone has done one in a while, so I thought 2021 was the right time to do the survey. I got feedback from some fellow web care consultants on questions to ask. I made some mistakes that I…


Thanks for taking the time to take the survey and publish the results.

I see you have a question about “add-on” services, but is it defined anywhere what is “web care” initially?

I’m assuming there’s the base care, then add-ons. Two separate categories of services.

If the base “web care” isn’t defined, then the base rate (monthly, yearly, etc) doesn’t have much meaning.

Can you point to what “web care” means for this survey?


In this case, Web Care is doing website maintenance (particularly WordPress) like many of the customers of MainWP. But, as I know many web care folks, they often offer things other than plugin updates and backups, etc.

I have chosen the term Web Care for what others use as Web Maintenance or something like that.

I hope that helps Paul!

Hi Todd,
Thanks for your reply.

So Web Care means only plugin updates and backups.

I’d bet if/when you did this survey again, and ask what is included in base web care, you’d find interesting grouping of information.

Take care,

That’s a great idea. I may ask it that way. I was giving people options. Thanks Paul!

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