The metaboxes of custom post type is missing

Hi guys,

I use the Custom Post Type extension but some of metaboxes are missing from the main site.

Maybe I miss something under settings?

Child site:

Main site:

You can see the gallery images and featured image are missing.

Can you please help me?

Thank you

Hi @o070o,

Can you please provide me the exact steps how I can duplicate the problem so I can try reproduce it?

Hi @bogdan,

I just installed the Custom Post Type extension then synced the child sites.

Hi @o070o,

The Custom Post Types extension is designed to allow you to publish CPT content from your dashboard site to your child sites. However, custom CPT UI is not created by the extension. If some meta boxes are missing, you should review the plugin that creates the PT.

Our extension just inserts the Select Sites box so you can select child sites where you will post it.

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thanks for your explaination!

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