Transfer MainWP Page to different Domain

I have a Pro Version of MainWP on my regular Domain as a Sub-Domain running.
Now I like to transfer it to it’s own server with a different domain.
Is there a easy way? I tried it already but I get an error that its already registered and I need to deactivate and activate the MainWP clients again. What is by a big number of domains a little bit time consuming.
Thanks in advanced, Tom

@outsourcetoasia The easiest way around this would be to first disconnect all the child sites by navigating here:

  • Upper right corner “Eclipse” Menu > Settings > Tools > Disconnect Sites.


  • Deactivate all plugins & MainWP Extensions.
  • Then proceed to migrate your dashboard as normal.
  • Reactivate MainWP, then it’s Extensions.
  • Reconnect to your child sites.

Alternative(preferred) workflow, would be to keep your old MainWP Dashboard active & once you are ready to connect just hit the button & connect with the new MainWP Dashboard. This way your Child Sites are “disconnected” for the least amount of time.


Thanks, worked like a charm
PS: By the way, awesome product and even better service

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@outsourcetoasia Really glad we saved you some time & you were able to get things sorted ok.

And thank you for the compliments! I’ll be sure to pass that on to the rest of the team :slight_smile:

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