Trusted updates troubleshooting


I have a situation where I noticed that one of my sites suddenly stopped updating the trusted plugins. To investigate the issue, I focused my attention on a single plugin that Is installed on many of the sites. In the case of this plugin (Duplicator Pro), it is being updated on some sites regularly but has not been updated on other sites in weeks.

When looking through the topics on this issue, I did come across one that suggested disabling/enabling cron. I tried that and that had no impact after 24 hours. It doesn’t feel like a compatibility issue since all of these sites have different configurations so I don’t know what the common problem is.

Has this been a common problem?


Hey @kgps

This has not been a common problem.

  1. Is the “Ignore plugin updates” disabled for that particular child site on the Edit page?

  2. Are any plugin updates for that child site set to be ignored on the Plugins > Ignored Updates page?

  3. Does that child site have any issues updating any plugin directly in its WP Admin?

Naturally, make sure that all MainWP plugins, including MainWP Child on the affected site, are up to date.


30 seconds after I sent the message, I thought to check the MainWP child plugin on the sites I was investigating. All sites where the plugins were not updating were on 5.0.1 and the sites where the plugins were updating were on This might be the reason. Sorry I didn’t check that first.

I have updated the child plugin and reconnected the sites and now waiting to see if that was the issue.

Since we are on the topic, I guess I should ask why you think the child plugin did not update on these sites. It’s a trusted plugin and clearly it was auto updated on other sites. I have the white labled module enabled.

And to answer your questions, I don’t see any plugin that’s ignored.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Sounds good, let us know if that helped.

Do you see anything relevant in the debug logs or the server logs of that child site?
It’s possible that the server is running out of resources during a bulk update process.

Resource might be an issue but is there any errors that would be logged indicating that? I don’t see any errors on the sites in questions and I don’t see any errors on the dashboard site as well.

Is there currently an internal audit log in MainWP that reports on whether a task executed was completed or not?

MainWP does not have such an internal audit log.

MainWP Dashboard has a Custom Event Monitor, but if the resource issues are at play here, those can only be logged on the Child Sites.

Do you have debug enabled on that child site, or perhaps the hosting provider has some kind of logging enabled? If so, it might be worthwile checking if anything relevant was logged.


I can’t be certain if it’s resource related. But it would be nice to eliminate the dashboard/cron system. How does one use/access the Custom Event Monitor?

I have a very good activity/error log solution for the child sites. But when reviewing the child sites in question, nothing stands out but I’m continuing to explore.

Custom Event Monitor is available in the Info section section: MainWP User Interface - MainWP Knowledgebase

I want to point out that Monitor is in the alpha phase, and there is a limited number of actions hooked to this system.


So it looks like updating MainWP child plugin did not do the trick. The sites in question still have the issue. I waited over 24 hours but the updates that are available are just not coming through. Is it possible that the Cron system is failing? I checked the apache error logs and they are totally empty.

The Custom Event Monitor shows something strange. All the events listed are from one day in January of this year. All recorded events shown are from 01-19-2024.


Thank you for trying that.

Would you mind opening a private Help Desk ticket so we can collect some additional information & investigate further?

And please refer to this Managers thread by its URL in the ticket.

I would also love to know what the final outcome is of this as I have had this issue for a year now and now resolution can be found between the great support team at MainWP and us. I have to manually apply updates regardless of any of the settings.

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