Unable to apply bulk actions from the WP Rocket extension dashboard

For quite a while now (at least the last year) I’ve been unable use bulk actions from the Rocket extension dashboard.

For instance, I can click the “•••” corresponding with a single site and select “Update Plugin” which works normally.

If I check the selection box for one or more sites, then select “Update Plugin” from the “Bulk Actions” dropdown and press the “Apply” button, nothing happens. I see no errors in the console, nothing.

Anyone else experienced a similar issue?

Hi @ordinary82

Thanks for reporting this to us.

We’ve managed to reproduce the issue with the Bulk Actions.

It will be addressed in the next release of the Rocket extension.

As a temporary workaround, if you need to perform Activate or Update actions for the Rocket plugin on child sites, you can do so from the Plugins > Manage plugins page, in the same manner as you would do for any other plugin.

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