Unable to connect site24x7 with our dashboard


I’m unable to connect our MainWP install to our Site24x7 install. Each time we try to connect, the connection fails with an “Invalid Client ID” error screen. Can you help us identify the issue with our monitors?

Hey @RunningRobots1

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The development team has identified the issue and prepared a pre-release version with a fix for it.

If you wish, I can send you the pre-release version via a direct message.

Yes please. My email is [email protected] or a DM would work as well. :slight_smile:

To provide an update on this -

We have addressed the reported issue “Invalid Client ID” and the fix for it will be included in the next release of the AUM extension.

An additional issue related to the specific type of Site24x7 accounts called MSP has cropped up.

We have added two hooks in the extension, which add the ability to pass the necessary ZAID value in the API request for MSP accounts.

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