Unable to connect to child site getting Received HTTP-code: 503 (Service Unavailable)

can’t understand why I can’t connect to a child site after the migration to a new design which meant swapping out all the files and folders and new db.

I am getting Received HTTP-code: 503 (Service Unavailable) when testing the connection, despite the server being live and other child sites currently operational on the same server.

I am running through cloudflare and have turned DNS off, so it’s not running through Cloudflare and the error message has changed to Error message: SSL certificate problem: certificate has expired, but that might be to do with the fact that i let CF manage SSL?
screenshot: Sites ‹ Sinked.co 2022-01-3...

just wondered if anyone has any ideas of things I could try to resolve the issue?

Hi Paul,

In most cases, the HTTP-code 503 would indicate some server-side problem, but I have seen in multiple cases, where there was a Maintenance mode enabled on the site and plugins that do this in some cases set this header status.

For the start, can you please verify that the site server is running properly and that there is no Maintenance mode enabled on the site?

hi Bogdan,

can confirm that no maintenance mode enabled on site and site is running ok

Hi there,

further to this, I am glad that i have been able to find a solution.

It turns out that I have had to apply the SSL certificate on my hosting account and not cloudflare, once I did that i was able to connect the child site.

thanks for looking into this

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