Unable to fix security issues on several child sites

Hi -

I have several child sites that I’m unable to fix security issues on.

Most of my child sites are hosted by me with Cloudways, and have no issues. A couple of sites are hosted on other services, like Godaddy and WPEngine.

For example:
A few sites hosted with GoDaddy have this security issue, which I’m unable to fix:

readme.html file has not been removed from WordPress root

Actually a few on WP Engine have this same issue.

A few others on WP Engine also have this issue:

/wp-content/, /wp-content/plugins/, /wp-content/themes/ and /wp-content/uploads/ directories listing has not been prevented

Anything I should do?

Hi Matthew, issues such as this one are usually caused by some kind of conflicts.
Can you please verify if your host allows you to manually delete the readme.html file via FTP? It could be an issue with permissions.

Hi Bogdan - thx for reply

I will check with hosting.
fyi for some reason some of these child sites have a notice next to the unfixed item (but then it quickly hides itself)

“Removing the file on WPEngine hosting can cause issues. If you need to remove the file, please consult the WPEngine support first.”

Hi Matthew, thanks for letting me know. Please keep me updated about the problem.

I am not sure why the message disappears, but I would like to investigate this.

If possible, can you send me temporary access to your MainWP Dashboard via private message so I can check it out?

Are you still in need of assistance on this topic?

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