Unable to update all extensions

I’ve received notifications to update the extension, but for some reason, some aren’t showing as automatic updates, while others are, and others show update has failed because the update package is unavailable.

link to screenshot >> Plugins ‹ Sinked.co.uk — Wo...

I’ve never had this issue before. Is anyone else having this issue, or can anyone give me a clue as to what’s going on and how to resolve it?


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Most likely, you need to activate the extensions API. Please take a look at this article: Activate Extension(s) API - MainWP Documentation


Hi @theblackandwhiteboy

As @rwsiv pointed out, you likely need to activate the Extension API as explained here: Activate Extension(s) API - MainWP Documentation
And then check if you are seeing available updates to your extensions: Updating Extension(s) - MainWP Documentation

Thanks for your response,

I thought this is something I have done, but have re applied, and nothing has changed other than now, so update links are showing, but most remain the same, but the ones that have active links show as no upgrade available when clicked as shown in the screenshot below.

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I appreciate any ideas of what I can do to remedy this.


Paul, thanks for trying that.

Can you please follow the steps in this help document and see if that helps?


thanks for your patience, but realised after following the instructions and still not having any luck that is could be worth disabling the security plugin (Ithemes) and after doing so all update links became available, sorry that I didn’t try that before.

thanks for you help

much appreciated!

Glad you managed to solve it, and thank you for updating us.

You are most welcome.

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