Unique ID Settings Not Showing

hello tribe - what could be the possible reason that my Unique ID settings page is not showing at all.
deactivated the plugin, deleted the, reinstalled but failed to get settings page.

pls see this screenshot: Screenshot by Lightshot

appreciate the help :slight_smile:

Hey @sagalian, do you use the MainWP Branding Extension? If yes, please check if the page is hidden in the branding settings

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Branding extension didn’t work at first since, as MainWP failed to add Child Site without Unique ID and HTTP Add method didn’t work for me.

However, I took a different approach to this problem and did the following steps:

  1. First, I retrieved the Unique ID on Child Site by visiting the following link on ChildSite domain.com/wp-admin/options.php

  2. Added the Unique ID on MainWP Dashboard to Add the Child Site with retrieved ID

  3. Re-applied my branding settings using Branding Extension on the Child Site from MainWP and everything started working fine

so yeah if someone is facing the same issue as mine, maybe this method could work!

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Hi @sagalian, thanks for letting us know the problem is solved and posting the solution.

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