'Update Selected Plugins' button no longer working after Version 4.5.1 update

Hi Guys,

Probably one of the key features with the entire MainWP plugin otherwise plugins have to be updated per site or per individual plugin. Would appreciate if you can push a hot fix for this as its core functionality.



I’m experiencing the same thing. I hope this gets fixed ASAP.

Same here for @jeroenrotty, @lindavantol and myself. This worked before 4.5.1 and not after. Cache has been cleared.

Same issue here. Be helpful if there is a quick fix

@Tecology @josklever @insightcode @hortonsart

Thank you all for the reports.

I’ve confirmed the issue and passed it along to the development team.

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We’ve just released v4.5.1.1 which addresses this issue.

Thanks again for reporting it to us.


Thanks @bojan and the dev team for the quick turnaround on this. :blush:

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