Updated to 5.0 now update warning won't go away


We updated our dashboard to v5 today and now we can’t get rid of the red exclamation icon in the top right:

Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 10.08.34

When clicked it takes you to the Wordpress updates page, which says there are no updates available.

Any ideas what could be causing it to show even when there are no updates?

Thank you

Please check the Plugins screen first, as it might be trigger the updates for installed extensions to show up. Many extensions have updates available as well after the MainWP update to v5.

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Hey @Shadician

As @josklever pointed out, try visiting the Plugins page again to try to trigger an update check.

And you can also try clicking the Check for updates now link:

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Fixed! Thank you.

Went through all plugins one by one and in the end de-activating then re-activating the MainWP Child plugin prompted it to tell me there was one update pending. Ran the update, all working now!

Thanks again


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