Updating one plugin on all sites

Hi, the other day a plugin that is in use on many sites announced a vulnerability. On Manage Plugins, I select all sites, then search for the plugin. I’m not sure what to do with the resulting table, which shows me all the sites that have the plugin, a column for each installed version, checkboxes, and a toggle switch at the beginning of each row. I found it difficult to interpret the meaning of the toggle, and with the checkboxes my only option was to use the bulk actions: Install, Deactivate, Ignore Updates. But nothing was there to actually update the plugin to the newest version.

My use case at the moment was to be able to find instances of a vulnerable plugin and update them in one place.

You can use the Updates screen to update the plugin. Maybe change the view to “Show updates per Plugin/Theme”.

Another option from the Plugins screen is to select the vulnerable sites and choose Install to install the new version. It will overwrite the old version.

Thanks @josklever this is exactly what I was hoping to find! I didn’t know about it. I wonder if this is something that would make sense to have on the Manage Plugins page.

I’m not sure what you mean. One of the methods is available on the Manage Plugins page. But updating is something that’s basically for the Updates page.

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