UpdraftPlus extension

I am new to MainWP and I am hesitating to activate the UpdraftPlus extension, because in my websites the UpdraftPlus plugins are already installed and all the settings are set.
When I now install and activate the MainWP extension, does the extension takes over the existing instalments and settings etc.or do I have to do all the settings etc. in the single websites again?

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Hey @1962up

When you install the UpdraftPlus extension, MainWP will not pick up the existing UpdraftPlus plugin settings from child sites.

The synchonization of settings is, unfortunately, in only one direction, the Dashboard to Child site.

Thank you very much. Do I have to uninstall the plugin on the sites before activating the extension?

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You are most welcome.

Just keep the plugin installed, but keep in mind that after you synchronize the child sites, the UpdraftPlus plugin settings will be overwritten with UpdraftPlus extension settings.

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