UpdraftPlus not installing

What am I doing wrong. I go to install extensions and I am able to install UpdraftPlus perfectly fine. However it doesn’t show up in the extensions list or anywhere in my MainWP dashboard. I go to install it again and I get this;

" folder_exists - /home/dh_iz6w4s/mainwp.huskylogic.com/wp-content/plugins/mainwp-updraftplus-extension/"

Seems it created a folder if you look in the file manager but it’s not connecting with my MainWP. I have 5 sites in my test platform I’d like to backup with them but I can’t get it to install properly.


Hi Fred,

Maybe the installation process failed the first time and it left some files in there.
Can you try to delete the mainwp-updraftplus-extension folder from the /plugins/ directory on your Dashboard site and try to install the extension again?

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Yep! I had to delete three times but it finally worked.

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