User Role Editor functionality for MainWP Client sites

Hey there!

Finally bought MainWP Pro for the Team Control extension, but it turns out it didn’t do what I wanted it to. I was looking for an interface with User Role Editor on our client sites. We manage several multisite networks, and we have created a custom role “supereditor” which does what an editor can do, but also manage options. We don’t want to give this option to all editors.

I’m looking at ways to add multiple roles when creating a user through MainWP. I’m assuming this would require a new extension, but was wondering if anyone else has found a workaround for this? As it stands, user management through MainWP doesn’t work for me, because I’d need to create a user of type editor, and then log into the site and change it to supereditor.

Mostly wondering if anyone has a workaround.

Hi @doofusdavid

Welcome to the MainWP community.

This is, unfortunately, not currently possible. Please feel free to make the suggestion on our feedback site. That way, others can vote for it, letting us know which features our users want the most.

And please keep in mind that MainWP was not designed with Multisite setups in mind. So while most features will work fine, not all of them will. You can take a look at our compatibility test here:

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