Using multiple uptime monitoring services?

Is it possible to use more then one uptime monitoring service for the child sites?

So for example, monitoring 5 sites with Uptime Robot and 5 other sites with Better Uptime?

Hi Alwin,

MainWP Advanced Uptime Monitor Extension is designed to work with only one API at a time. But technically, you could do this:

  1. Select and connect Uptime Robot API
  2. Create monitors
  3. Select and connect Better Uptime API
  4. Create the rest of the monitors

Now, regardless of which API service stays selected in your extension, both services will actually run active monitoring, since the monitoring process is done on the API server-side, not by our extension. This means that you will be receiving email notifications about potential problems from both services. The only down-side of this kind of a setup is that you won’t be able to see Monitors list from both APIs, but only from the selected one.

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