Using tags in backwpup extension does not work

I can’t seem to use any of the dynamic tags in the dashboard, they’re just returned as is?

Is it the same if you check in the child site directly?

It seems okay on the child site. The tag there is being translated fine. However, another thing I do notice in the mainwp control panel backup jobs list, if I delete a job there the page just goes blank:

Thanks for the update.

What happens after you reload the page?

Reloading the page fixes the blank page error. However it doesn’t fix the %sitename% issue. I’ve also tried syncing with the child site to see if that updates it. I’ve just had to add the sitename manually in the meantime.

Thanks for letting me know. However, the tokens (%sitename%) are designed to reflect actual values only on child sites. In the extension, it shows as token because, there is no unique value to show.

I see, thanks for the info. However would this not be counter intuitive to using the main control panel, if I just end up with a list of %sitename% items? I think perhaps it would be better I just define the sitename manually, so I know which backup is which.

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