V5 - Responsiveness of the widget boxes is "slightly" off

I was working on my 4K monitor and then disconnected to my Macbook only and saw widget boxes not being responsive.

Please test narrowing down your MainWP dashboard from desktop width to mobile and see how the boxes are not responsive. Please investigate.

Hey @jeroenrotty

When the resolution or DPI of a display is changed, it may be necessary to refresh the page for the widgets to display correctly.

Can you check if that helps?
If not, try hard-refreshing the page as well. It should be Command + R on a Mac.

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Ah, a hard refresh after resizing does work, but isn’t that a bit tuff? In a perfect world, all the widgets would continue to show up correctly even when actively resizing a window?

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I’m glad that helped.

However, a hard refresh shouldn’t be necessary when simply resizing the browser window. An ordinary refresh should suffice.

In any case, we will investigate about improving widget behavior on window changes.


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