View client report history

I have a need to be able to ascertain that reports have been generated and sent over a period of time.
Is there any way to prove that reports have been sent -
on from that - if the report bounces at the intended address, is there a way to see failed sends?

Not only do I have a query from client about reports not received, but it would also be handy that I could reissue the reports as sent.


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@zoannon Out of the box the WP wp_mail() function utilizes your server’s PHP mail() function. If you don’t have a “WP Email Log” plugin installed then that data isn’t within your WP environment/DB. You will need to contact your hosting company and or access your cPanel to retrieve your Server’s Email Logs if you want RAW data.

If you have your “From” Email set within MainWP Reports - i’m pretty sure any email sent from that address should be in your sent folder… It is on my server. You should be able to do simple searches in order to build your “Proof List” - any “Bounced Emails” would return to that email if there was an issue not MainWP.

@zoannon Please let us know if you still need help with this.

Hi Keith

Thank you for your time and detailed info.
I will have a look at the WP Email log plugin vs changing the sent email in mainwp. I could set up a special box just for the sent reports for easier searching if need be.

But I will look at the plugin to see if that will help for the future.

Thank you again


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