Vulnerability Checker not saving Ignore Globally updates

Vulnerability Checker 4.1.2 using MainWP NVD API

The Ignore Globally option is no longer clearing false positives. Clicking the button behaves as expected, but is not retained when navigating away and returning. The Ignored tab in the extension pages has no items listed. This seems unusual since I have previously set many false positives to Ignore Globally, however I don’t know that I have ever viewed that page before to know if it ever listed the previous entries that I had set to Ignore Globally.

I thought maybe a licensing issue was to blame as the License button on the Extensions page was showing a red X. After several attempts to correct the erroneous status, it finally stayed set to a green check.

Ideally I’d like to see the Ignore Globally option function properly again, but since I have never seen anything other than false positives, I suppose I could just dump the extension and save myself the trouble of having to constantly flag the FPs.

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Hey @qpgltdco

Thank you for reaching out and reporting this.

We’ve managed to reproduce the issue, and we will be releasing a fix for it in the next release of the Vulnerability Checker extension.

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Yup was having this issue as well.

I also wondered if previous ignored items had come back as I had over 20 items in the list with some of them being many years old (with no new plugins being installed in a few months).

Maybe the vulnerability checker filters have been updated to allow for more matches as most of these new items are false positives and deal with software called Sync Breeze Enterprise from 2017 and older. I do not have this installed but do have the Breeze Caching plugin from Cloudways installed.

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