What does Delete All Non-MainWP Changes button do?


Quick question, maybe it’s obvious, but I haven’t been able to confirm it in the documentation and I thought better safe than sorry when it comes to working with client sites!

There’s a widget on the MainWP dashboard call Non-MainWP Changes, which lists all the changes tracked across all our child sites. Under this is a button: ‘Delete All Non-MainWP Changes’. What does it do?

Now I presume it just dismisses the record of changes…? Or does it actually delete the changes (:open_mouth:)? If it doesn’t, might be worth updating the text to ‘Dismiss All Change Notifications’ instead of ‘Delete’…less scary!

Also if it does dismiss the notifications, is there anywhere else we can view this change record of is that it wiped?

Thank you for clarifying

Hi @Shadician

It clears the entries from the Non-MainWP Widget. It certainly doesn’t delete or revert changes made on the child sites. :slight_smile:

We will be changing the wording to Clear in the next Dashboard update to make it a bit more obvious that only the widget entries are being removed and not the actual changes on child sites.

No, after the changes are deleted from the widget, they are no longer available in other places. The widget is currently the only location where these changes can be viewed.

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Hi @bojan,

Does the delete button delete all the currently known notifications, only the currently visible notifications (without other pages) or all notifications that match the current filter (site and/or search).

As I want to keep some notification I’ve been removing them 1 by 1, as I’m afraid I’ll remove too many with the “delete all” button.


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@josklever , it will delete all notifications.

We will add a dismiss button after the 4.5 release to remove them visually, but keep them in the DB if you want to see them again.


@dennis, I’m not sure how the notifications should be shown/managed after a dismiss, but maybe it will work. We’ll see.

It would be safer and more logical if the delete button would only the currently filtered notifications. So on a single site page it would only delete the notifications of that site. If a search/filter is used, only delete the notifications that are part of that search/filter. If someone wants to delete all notifications of all sites, they can do that via the Dashboard Overview page.

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Thanks all for the clarifications, much apprediciated @dennis @bojan

Agree with renaming to ‘Dismiss All’, this would certainly make it clear from the outset.

But also agree that it’s a little dangerous if someone clicks it and only expects the visible notifications to be dismissed but they were hoping to keep that one notification on say page 7!

We have 12 pages of them right now and it would be madness to have to go through everything one by one just to save a few…if I could make a suggestion, I don’t know how difficult it is to implement, but using something more akin to the Wordpress posts ‘bulk select’ checkboxes would be the easiest for Wordpress admins to understand and make it very easy to quickly sort them when you have a lot building up.

Finally, just to agree as well: it would be ideal to have a simple log/archive somewhere we could access after dismissing them, just for those rare occasions when something goes wrong on a website and you’re trying to go back in time to figure out what caused the issue. The dismissable notifications list is great to get an overview of what’s going on with your websites, but not so great for digging through history when a client asks to clarify something that changed from three months ago and you already dismissed it!

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This is how it currently works. On a Child Site Overview page, the widget shows only changes for that site, and the button deletes only those changes.

Please feel free to make a suggestion about this on our feedback site. That way, others can vote for it, letting us know which features our users want the most.

We plan to implement something like this after the 4.5 release, so stay tuned.

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You clearly disagree with each other. I wouldn’t mind to create a feature request, but I would need to be certain how it’s currently working.

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Your message to which Dennis replied to doesn’t mention Individual Child Site Overview, so Dennis’s answer is correct.
And I replied to your other message in which you are referring to Individual Child Site Overview, or “So on a single site page”. I even quoted that part of the message for clarity :slight_smile:

On the main Overview page, if you click Delete All Non-MainWP Changes, all entries are removed regardless of whether or not the widget entries were filtered by search or on which page of the widget entries you are on.

On the Individual Child Site Overview page, behavior is the same except that only entries for that particular child site are removed.

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I can confirm, after having clicked the current Delete All button earlier today on my general dashboard (not on an individual site dashboard, I haven’t tested it there) that it deletes all notifications, across all 12 pages of notifications that I had outstanding - not only the visible ones.

Actually it did mention it:

But the only feature request would than be to respect the search/filter with a change of the text like “Delete/Dismiss selected notifications”. In that case I’ll create on and share the link here.

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This is the feature request: Non-MainWP Changes - Delete button should respect the search/filter - MainWP

Please upvote it and/or add a comment for further improvement of this feature.


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