Where Does Code Snippets Write To?

So if I execute a code snippet on one of my sites, where does it write to? I want to verify that it worked. I’m specifically working on the recent auto-update issue.

Unless they’re something explicitly written to the wp-config.php, I’m pretty certain these are written to an option in the database and executed from there.

Unless this has recently changed, this was the reason I tried to steer clear of distributing executable snippets to my sites. They were difficult to sleuth/manage.

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You can find the key here:


Very helpful, thank you!

I agree with @uamv … executable code snippets are difficult to manage and debug which makes them extremely risky.

The Code Snippets extension UI looks like WP-CLI which is also confusing and misleading.

An alternative solution would be to upload your custom script using File Uploader.

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The code snippets extension UI is not hard to use it also does not look like the WP-CLI which is command line.

The key is always using solid code snippets that you have tested before running those on child sites.

You can find many solid code snippets in the GitHub repo as well.

This is the issue. Testing is not an easy or intuitive process.

Test on a dev site and only use solid code snippets.

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