Where does Mainwp Dashboard get its DNS?

I’m pulling my hair out over this one. I’m trying to add a new child that was recently moved away from wp engine to a new server. When I click “Test Connection”, the IP address coming back appears to be the IP of the WP Engine Server the site used to be on. However, if I check the DNS for the domain using a tool like dnschecker, the proper IP address is coming back world wide. I understand DNS propagation and all other support acrticles that I can find say to flush the DNS cache on the server running the Mainwp Dashboard. I have done this. And when I do an nslookup from the server’s command line, I am seeing the correct, new IP address. But even after the DNS flush, when I click “Test Connection” I am still seeing the old IP in MainWP. So, if mainwp is not using the local server for DNS… what is it using? How is this possible?

Hey @xtego

MainWP uses the DNS resolver of the server it’s hosted on.

If the server’s DNS cache has been flushed and nslookup shows the correct IP, in theory, MainWP should also resolve to the new IP.

If MainWP is hosted on a shared server, the server’s DNS settings and caching mechanisms might be managed by the hosting provider and not be entirely within the user’s control.
In such scenarios, DNS changes might take longer to propagate or may require intervention from the hosting provider.

Contacting the hosting provider to ensure DNS settings are correctly propagated, and caches are cleared on their end might help.


Pretty much 100% what Bojan is saying. MainWP in a shared hosting environment is pulling the DNS from the place the hosting company is. We’re a hosting company BTW.

If the hosting company has their TTL and cache setup for less frequent pulls, then it can take longer to get the new DNS info which is why your computer might be either reflecting good or different information because the same thing will apply.

https://www.whatsmydns.net/ This is a tool I used to watch propagation of DNS info.


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