Where is my plugin after the upload

I went to Plugins > Install Plugin then I clicked on “Upload .zip file”, “Upload Now”, selected the file… and it uploaded:

Then, I wanted to add it to Favorites and it failed:

You see there is a bug when the message is displayed. Also, there is no way to “try again” because the “Add to favorite” button is gone.

Let’s say I upload it but do not want to add it to favorites.

Where is the plugin? How can I install it on one of the sites? I did not find any way to get to the plugin I uploaded.

@maximejobin The plugin installer is designed to be more of a “step” in your workflow. Something that’s done once when installing a plugin. It mirrors the default WP plugin installation flow. Once you have “uploaded” the plugin you then select the Child Site from the right hand site and proceed to install it.

During upload the plugins are stored within your MainWP Installation @ /wp-content/uploads/mainwp/0/bulk/

The Favorite Plugins list is pretty much the list where you can see the plugins that you would like to install more then once. However, I have been able to recreate the bug you have mentioned. I will have the Dev Team take a look into this to see what’s the cause.

Thank you for the answer @kwcjr !

I understand where it is stored on disk now. I’m not sure I was clear when I said “where is the plugin ?”. I meant : how can I see what I’ve uploaded (in the MainWP interface) if it is not made as favorite right after the upload ?


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@maximejobin You’re welcome!

The favorites list IS the list you are speaking of - you will need to re-upload that plugin & then add it to the Favorites list in order to “See it” again. This is what I meant when i said this:

Oh I see.

So what is the point of uploading a plugin and offering me the choice to “Add to favorite” if I must do it to see it?

In what use-case would I upload a plugin and NOT add it to favorite. I’m trying to understand what I could do if I do not add it.

@maximejobin The use case where you would upload a plugin and NOT add it to the favorites section would be the same use case where you would upload a plugin from the WP Admin screen and install it…

We simply give that additional option along with the ability to install the plugin that you just uploaded to multiple websites at once.



The add to favorites button on the installation page is a “for your convenience” button. You can also add Favorite Plugins via the actual Favorite Plugins page ( which is the place you should be adding plugins to your favorites list if you don’t intend on installing them right away. )

The UX is rather confusing.

  • from Extensions > Favorites I can only add uploadable plugins
  • on Plugins > Favorite Plugins I cannot add any plugins to favorites, just view and install them
  • on Plugins > Install Plugins I can install and make favorite WP.org plugins, and one-off upload .zipped plugins. But I cannot add the latter to favorites as it permanently gives the “Adding to favorites failed” error.

Wondering if there’s a way to make all this a little more intuitive?

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@kwcjr Thank you for the clarification. I now understand that “Uploading” a plugin in that UI is one of the many steps I should take. I was trying to simply add it for later use (which was not possible).

@nadworks I agree with you. Most of the time, the features are there but the confusion makes them not usable. I do not have a simple solution but maybe if we start letting MainWP know about issues, it will help make it better!

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