Which category in for which site?


When publishing content to multiple sites at the same time,
it’s difficult to identify which categories belong to which sites.

Probably not a common issue for most but we had this problem :rofl:

if there was a way to see what category belongs to which site on dom like data-site=“blalbla.com value I could code something for myself and client but there is no way of telling that.

did you guys think about this on new update ?

please consider it.


Hey @sinanisler

Thank you for the suggestion.

We will look into how to improve this and somehow indicate to which child sites a category belongs to in a future release of the MainWP Dashboard.

Please feel free to make future suggestions on our official feedback site.
That way, others can vote for it, letting us know which features our users want the most. https://feedback.mainwp.com

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