White Label Global Not Syncing

Hi there! I just installed a new website onto MainWP and noticed the global white label settings weren’t applying, which hides our WPMain child plugin. I went to sync all of our websites under White Label and it put an “X” by each (we have over 25 websites).

When I do a regular sync, everything works as expected. Am I doing something wrong here?

Thanks for your help!

Hey @BirdhouseMN

Can you please verify that you have the latest version of all relevant MainWP products - MainWP Dashboard 4.3.1, White Label extension 4.1.3, and MainWP Child plugin (on all child sites) 4.3.1?

MainWP Dashboard and MainWP Child are up to date.

For some reason, White Label is 4.1.1 and I’m not seeing any prompts indicating there’s a newer version. Where can I get the latest version of this plugin?

Thank you!

You can download the latest version from your mainwp.com account page as described here: My Downloads and API Keys - MainWP Documentation

And if your MainWP Dashboard is not showing an available update for an extension, it may be necessary to re-activate the Extension API as described in this article: Activate Extension(s) API - MainWP Documentation

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