Wiping out Child Plugin Settings for Lost or New Installs


We encountered a server issue that resulted in our installation crashing, necessitating a complete restart. While attempting to add some of our client sites to the new setup, we have been impeded by the White Label settings, which are preventing us from obtaining the necessary security code.

I attempted to use the Reset mainWP-Child plugin, but it did not effectively remove the settings. When we reinstalled the plugin, no changes were observed.

Could you please provide guidance on how to resolve this issue and successfully add our client sites to the new installation?

Thank you for your assistance.

Hey @clarm060

Is the problem that you cannot see the Plugins menu in the WP Admin of the Child Site, or something else?

For resetting MainWP Child plugin settings, please use the ZIP file from this KB, White Label - MainWP Knowledgebase and follow the steps outlined in it.