WISYWIG Custom Field does not pull through to child sites with any formatting

​When I publish a post to a child site and the custom post field contains text with formatting for example paragraphs or numbered lists, bullet lists, etc. The result is not as expected. Instead of a paragraph, there are the letters ‘rn’ (which looks like it is short for 'return’).

This is what I’m submitting to a child site:-

this is how it arrives at the child site

Hey @gemtech

Our Custom Post Types extension doesn’t officially support any custom post fields, so some issues like formatting are expected.

The extension only supports the default post fields, which are found in the standard WordPress posts.

Ok, that was my misunderstanding, in that I thought that the Custom Post Types extension would include the fields also. Hopefully, it will be included in the future.

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I just tried to publish a post with the standard ‘content’ box which is a custom post type but not a custom type field and the formatting does not pull through.

Hey @gemtech

I’ve managed to reproduce that.

This is what I get instead of a Numbered list:

I’ve passed it along to our development team and it will be fixed in the next version of the Custom Post Type extension.

marvellous, thanks a million.

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