[Won't Add] Child site data should be available even after disconnection (some locally saved data gets inaccessible)

Though much of the child site related data is stored in the dashboard it gets inaccessible when the site is disconnected. Sometimes exactly this date might proof useful and I don’t see any reason not to, for instance, have the “open frontent button” in the sites overview page, or show the installed plugins.

Hi Konstantin, I am not a coder so I am not 100% sure that I am right, but I think that site info is not stored in database for disconnected sites. See here:

That first row is for a site that is disconnected.

However, some data (mostly data that doesn’t change), is still saved, such as site URL, so that is still available in Site Overview when site is disconnected.

Once a site is disconnected, I see no reason for the Dashboard to have continued access. If someone has removed your access the information should also be removed from your Dashboard. Will not build.