Wordfence Installation - Invalid keys

I have installed Wordfence on my child site. I can see the child site at my main dashboard. I have also selected “premium”. I managed to get the keys from the Wordfence extension.
However when I key in the key, it shows this error:
We received an error while trying to activate the license with the Wordfence servers: WordFence API error: The Wordfence key you’re using is not in a valid format.

Can advise what key should I keyinto my child site?


Hey @larry

Welcome to the MainWP community.

I am not sure I follow how you got the Wordfence keys from the extension.

Can you please provide some screenshots of where you managed to get the key and where you tried to enter the key that produced the error message?

Hi Bojan,

Oh… think it will be better if you could guide me how to install Wordfence into my child site and upgrade it to premium. Currently my child site is showing:


Hi @larry

You can find more information about purchasing Wordfence Premium and where to find Wordfence keys in their help article: Wordfence Premium - Wordfence

After that, those keys can be entered in our MainWP Wordfence extension on the Settings page:

Oh, MainWp do not offer Wordfence premium? I thought it’s like Virusdies where there’s some additional benefit using mainwp.

No, MainWP offers the interface to manage the settings of plugins like Wordfence (free/premium). You can see it as a remote control. You still need a TV to watch shows, but you don’t have to walk to it to switch channels. :wink:

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As @josklever pointed out, MainWP Pro does not include licenses for 3rd party premium plugins.

MainWP Pro includes the license for MainWP Extensions.

This means that for some extensions that rely on a 3rd party plugin, you would still need to purchase the plugin license from its author if you want to use the Premium version of that plugin.