WordPress auto updates vs MainWP auto update

There was already a discussion in here a few years back. But I still can’t fully see it, when I should use one over the other.

When would you use the native WP function to auto-update plugins? And when would you aim for the solution from MainWP?

First, in general I am against auto-update.

But, I have to admit, my clients previously had zero costs in website maintenance. Some perhaps came from Wix or similar services. There was no such a thing as effort and costs for plugin updates. It just runs. And yes, there are security issues etc. but let’s face it - a website is usually not immediately falling apart when an update was not performed. For many it just works better when they have very low costs, and only costs once something happens to fix it

Many of my clients maintenance is based on roughly 30 minutes to 1 hour per month. The websites are simple, but not always super simple, e.g. come with custom post types with quite a few custom fields, auto-generated fallback SEO titles, sort and filter custom posts, sticky header with logo swap, multi-lingual, … in a way small and simple, but not super simple.

I am thinking about getting into auto-updates for some clients. Those clients who can’t pay more than a few hours per year. It’s better to spend those few hours visible to them e.g. having a meeting with them and so small tasks they can understand and see, instead of updating in silence in the background. So I am thinking about auto-update for some clients.

Here I am back with my question. Why doing it with MainWP when it’s built in? What’s the difference?

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